Payday 2. Player emotions

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Payday 2 is a game about robbery. You are playing for one of four guys who are doing their job for a payday. You can do a job for drug dialers, mafia, politicians end even Ukrainians. The most funniest thing about the game is that you can play it with friends.

I’m not going to talk about design and a technical side of the game, I’ll discuss emotions which I’ve experienced while playing this game. Bellow I’ve listed some of them:

The first thing you should do in a game is to choose your character specialization out of four different options. While doing this you see how wide and deep tech tree is. Each specialization has three different feature groups and each group has six skills to learn. For example, the Mastermind class has a group of negotiation skills which help you to influence people, and the Ghost class has abilities to be as stealth as possible.

When a team finishes a stealth run successfully, everyone feels pride. Nobody fails, everyone is alive, all objectives are accomplished. Payday.

Each time you join the mission it differs from the previous one. Even the map layout is different a bit. Sometimes you can get gold in a bank or just cash. Sometimes when you hit FBI office you can get from them bags of coke or bags of gold.

A feeling of belonging
Each player in a game has it’s own class. All classes have skills which increase the power of a team. You can’t complete the game alone. You should help your mates and cooperate with them for a better result. While doing this you understand that you are working as a team and you are playing a specific role in a team.

When a team has just completed one of the most difficult missions in a game. It was tough and it was really hard. But you did it. You finished this mission. Payday.

When you complete all the missions in a game you feel sadness. This game is finite and you get everything from it. You should move on to another game.

Payday 2 is great at eliciting emotions and people are looking for emotions in the interactive media. I think that the main reason that this game is so good is the atmosphere. You feel like a good guy during tough times. There is no falsehood. You’d better try it yourself.

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