Beyond: Two Souls. Interactive movie as a game

Beyond: Two Souls

“Beyond: Two Souls” positions itself as a story driven game, but actually it is an interactive movie. You can guide your hero on a stage and make some minor and major decisions in a particular setting. Actually not a big amount of these decisions change the story of the game to a greater extent. However, this movie is still interesting to play. Let’s find out why, shall we?

The player has a control over the situation
You can guide your characters through the location and decide how to act in certain scenarios. The game doesn’t show you a movie. You should figure out by yourself how to act, where to move, what to do. You are an actor and not just a nameless spectator.

The world is fun to explore
Each chapter of a game has something to investigate or find. All chapters are meaningful to the story and to overall characters’ development. With the help of your ghost friend you can explore the world even beyond your human nature. The better you explore the world, the more you get from the story. Also there is a meaningful hidden secrets. Each of them unlocks some additional peace of art from the developers.

The player always has a choice
Sometimes there is a chapter where you can’t make meaningful decisions. In such situation the game may give you an illusion of free choice. You can choose the direction of conversation, but the result will be same all the time. You can choose a different order of actions, but the destination will be the same. But you have these choices. You have something to do. You are playing.

The player’s choices might be crucial for the story
Some of the decisions determine the way the game will end for you. Most of them tied up to life and death decisions you have made through the game. And it is fun to know that you actions change the story to some extent.

The player should be punished gently
There is no fail state in this game. There are no wrong decisions. No “game over” screen. If you fail some sections, the game will punish you a bit. If you fail section entirely, the game can hide the additional part of the story from you. You lose content for being bad or play your role insincerely. It’s fair from my point of view.

The story should grab attention of the player
It is a game, but it is a story driven game. The game keeps the player on his toes. Each chapter is different by the tension amount. And if you look at the progression, it will look really smooth. It’s a wave with big amount of growths, peaks, and falls. It’s exactly the tension curve you would expect from a good movie, book or a game.

Creating a good game in a movie like fashion is not an easy task. It takes a lot of efforts, there is a big amount of crucial decisions to make, your team should be extremely creative and with a great artistic vision, but at the end of a day if you achieve your goal, you will influence a world very much. “Beyond: Two souls” is a must have game if you want to know how to handle a story in a game.

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