Terraria. Fun of sanbox


Terraria is an indie game about living in the strange and charming new world. It is a sandbox where you can do whatever you want. It’s a tool which gives you an opportunity to express your creativity. It is not a new game. It has been 2 years since the release, but it’s still a great fun to play Terraria. Let’s find out why.

Fun of Exploration
This game has an enormous amount of content in it. Even after 100 hours of playing you can find out something new. There is a lot of locations with different enemies. There is a lot of different events and loots. This game is all about learning this new world. It’s like being a child who explores the world for the first time. You will surely get fun doing it.

Fun of Creation
Do you have a reminiscence about playing LEGO in childhood? Was it fun? I think so. With continuous connection of small peaces you can get something more complex, something bigger, something different. As in Terraria. You can create your own home from small peaces, you can craft new unique stuff. You can create whatever you want, literally. It’s a sandbox and it’s fun to play with.

Fun of Craziness
Do whatever you want. Terraria doesn’t restrict your intentions. Even more, this game gives you a crazy stuff to play with. Do you often see Confetti gun in a game? Have you ever tried to grab lava with a bucket? How often do you place traps in games just to trick you friends? The limit of you craziness is your imagination only.

Fun of Progression
In Terraria you never stay the same. You are constantly evolving and the world is getting more complicated as well. You are mining and crafting new weapons and armors. You are building new rooms for your NPCs. You are facing new enemies. There are always goals for you to achieve. And it’s up to you to specify the speed of your personal progression in the game.

Fun of Social interaction
It’s surely more intriguing to explore new world with friends. In Terraria you can go through all the fun with someone you care about. In this case the game is gaining new edges. Now you can compete for loot and stuff, you can build a home together, you can beat stronger enemies and advance faster. If you are going to horse around, it’s better to do it with your friends.

There is so much fun from the game developed by one programmer and one artist. Budget doesn’t matter. Time doesn’t matter. Talent and passion are the kings of the game development. Thanks to them Terraria can easily compete with AAA titles on the amount of Fun you can gain. Grab it and play it. Probably you will understand what fun means.

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