XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Characters progression

XCOM: Enemy Within

X-COM is a well known science fiction video game franchise. The latest game from a series is XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It is a well-rounded RPG with a great game design. You can literally get every aspect of the game design and analyze why this thing works so smoothly. I will discuss a squad team members progression here.

In this game you are in charge of a small squad of soldiers from different countries. Most of them arrive to a base as rookies. A rookie is a soldier without any class assigned, no specific abilities whatsoever. As soon as a rookie gets some kills he receives a random promotion to the one of 4 in game classes: Assault, Heavy, Support or Sniper. Each class basically determines the way you play with the character. During the course of the game all your soldiers gain promotions. Each promotion usually gives you 2 class specific perks to choose.

In general the text above describes the big picture behind the team progression. Let’s dig deeper and figure out why XCOM team members progression is so great, shall we?
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